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Let us work with your dog in our facility while they are staying with us. Whether they need to learn some new behaviors or just need a refresher, we can help!

Image by Chris Maldonado
yellow labrador retriever training

Not finding the time and consistency you need to train your dog at home? Our residency programs allow your dog to receive hours of structured training practice with personalized training plans to help achieve the results you want! 


Your dog will stay with us at our facility and receive all the amenities we have to offer, including 3 daily potty breaks, a solo playtime, a late-night potty break, an afternoon treat, daily VIP playtimes with a teammate, an exit bath, and 24/7 care. Throughout your dog's training, you will receive numerous detailed report cards detailing what your dog has accomplished! After the end of your dog's residency, you will receive a private lesson at home to ensure the learned behaviors apply in your pet's main environment.


Whether your dog has had previous training and you're looking for a refresher or you're starting from the beginning, we can help! Behaviors learned include recall, leash walking, place, stay, leave it, drop it, manners to combat jumping/biting/excess energy, and more!   


*This program is not suitable for potty training or other behaviors relating to the home.*


german shepherd training


Our 2 week program is best as a refresher for dogs who have had some training in the past or just need focus on some particular  behaviors. 


chocolate labrador retriever training


Our three and four week programs are ideal for dogs who haven't had any prior training and need to build a solid foundation. 


goldendoodle training


Our most extensive program. Our three and four week programs are ideal for dogs who haven't had any prior training and need to build a solid foundation. 

labradoodle training


$40/half or $75/full

Already have a reservation? Just need some extra training or want to add an extra activity to your pups boarding stay? We offer 30min or 1 hr sessions to work with your dog during their stay with us.


- By booking, you agree to Pet Resorts Dog Training Agreement.


- Refund requests must be made before your pet's drop-off. If cancelled during your pet's residency, you will not be refunded for completed services.

- The included private lesson at home must be scheduled within 4 months of your pet's completed residency or else you will forfeit that lesson. 

- If you are experiencing issues with your dog barking, growling and/or lunging at others (dogs or people), please let us know when contacting us.


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