Dog Park

Located across the street from PetSafe Village at 10424 PetSafe Way, the PetSafe Village Dog Park was built to celebrate the human- dog bond! Radio Systems Corp. introduced this first public dog park to Knoxville in 2007 after wanting to create a space  where dogs and their humans can interact, play and have fun together off leash! This park includes the following people and pet-friendly features: 


  • A natural pond

  • Park benches

  • Picnic tables

  • Walking trails

  • Doggie water fountain

  • Waste bags and receptacles

  • Fun for the whole family




"We at PetSafe hope you enjoy PetSafe Park. This is our private property, which we are donating for use to the public. No government funds were used to build it and we are privately paying to maintain it. Please help us keep it clean and if you have any ideas for improvements, share them with us next door at the PetSafe Village. Enjoy."

                                     - Randy Boyd, President, PetSafe

PetSafe Village Dog Park

After the success of the PetSafe Village dog park, PetSafe funded the development of several other Knoxville dog parks that are now maintained by the city of Knoxville. Check out below other great locations to take your pup for some fun and exercise!

Downtown PetSafe Dog Park
Tommy Schumpert- PetSafe Dog Park
Dogwood Dog Park- Victor Ashe
Charter Doyle PetSafe Dog Park
Plumb Creek PetSafe Dog Park

* All other PetSafe Dog Parks, except for the PetSafe Village Dog Park are maintained by the City of Knoxville. Please contact the City of Knoxville for any inquiries or concerns about the parks.


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