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Customer Agreement

Effective 3/16/2022

I hereby certify that

  • My pet(s) is in good health and has not been ill with any communicable condition in the last 30 days. I further agree to notify PetSafe Village Corporation ("PSV") of any communicable disease my pet contracts and that I will not knowingly bring my pet to PSV within 30 days of such illness. I understand that my pet may be denied admittance if signs of illness are noticed by PSV teammates.

  • My pet has not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior toward any other person or any other pet.

  • I have notified PSV of all health conditions, abnormal behaviors, or issues (fence climbing, escape attempts, allergies, etc.) that would be pertinent to the care of my pet(s).

I understand that I am solely responsible for:

  • Notifying PSV if any new health conditions, abnormal behaviors, or issues present themselves.

  • Any damages that my pet(s) may cause through malicious or improper conduct and that PSV is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items left at the facility or with the pet(s).

  • Any harm caused by my pet while my pet is in attendance at PSV.

I agree

  • To pay daily board at PSV's posted rates. If my pet requires special care, I authorize PSV to provide that care and agree to pay for those services.

  • To pay for any auxiliary services or products requested by me such as playtime, grooming, etc. I also agree to pay for any grooming charges that result from my pet's coat condition and/or misbehavior.

  • To follow all of PSV's posted policies. I understand that policies may change at any time and PSV will attempt to notify me of such changes. Notification may be made via email, website, or lobby signs. Failure to receive notification does not preclude me or my pet(s) from adhering to the current policies. It is my sole responsibility to notify PSV of any updates to my contact information.

  • To not hold PSV and it's affiliates liable for any injuries sustained by myself or my dog during all dog training activities.

  • PSV, it's associates, or affiliates will not be held liable for injuries resulting from abnormal behavior (fence climbing, failure to eat or drink, eating debris such as rocks or feces, allergic reactions, etc.)


I understand that

  • If my pet is determined to be an escape risk (fence-climbing, digging, etc) by PSV teammates that my pet will be moved to a covered indoor-only classic suite, will have supervised on-lead potty breaks only and will not be able to receive any  other activity services provided by PSV. I will be responsible for the additional fee for the on-lead potty breaks.

  • PSV provides a social play program where dogs socialize, play, and interact with each other. While PSV teammates will always be present to monitor social play, injuries can and do occur due to vigorous play and exercise. I agree that I am solely responsible for any incidental injury that may occur to my dog(s) and I also agree to be responsible for any resulting veterinarian charges.

  • To be admitted to a social play program all dogs are required to pass a meet & greet process, which is based on my dog's behavior and is at the sole discretion of PSV teammates. My dog's behavior may change and even after my dog passes the meet & greet this does not guarantee admittance to social play. Any dog that PSV teammates deem to exhibit behavior that puts themselves or others at risk may be dismissed from the social play program.

  • PSV will do its best to monitor my pet(s) intake of food and water. If PSV notices my pets' intake of food may not be sufficient, I will be notified.

  • if my pet(s) is not picked up within ten days after the scheduled departure date the pet(s) will be placed with a no kill shelter, or private home in order to find the best home possible. Notice in writing of such intended placement shall be mailed by registered mail to the owner of the pet at the address given hereon, not less than ten days before the date of such intended placement, and no further notice shall be deemed necessary. Any deficiency is deemed to be due and immediately paid by the owner.


I authorize

  • PSV to do whatever is deemed necessary for the health and well being of my pet and agree to pay for all expenses relating to the same.  If the pet becomes seriously ill, expeditious notification will be made via phone and/or email.

  • and consent to PSV to photographing, videoing, and/or digitally recording and or reproducing and other manner of the image and/or likeness and activities of pet(s), and PSV shall be permitted to make unlimited use of such images and/or likeness, on it's website, in brochures, in other advertising, and/or marketing materials, or for any other purpose. I understand and agree  that I will never receive any compensation for any use by PSV of pictures, digital recordings, video recordings, or any other depiction of pet(s)


To the extent the provisions contained in this Agreement are inconsistent with those contained in any other document, instrument or agreement executed pursuant hereto, the terms and provisions contained herein shall control. Otherwise, such provisions shall be considered cumulative.


PetSafe Promise for Boarding Stays: In consideration for the payment of the fee, and subject to the conditions listed below, PSV will pay up to $500.00 for any veterinary care provided by a licensed veterinarian for the care or treatment of the pet(s) listed above for any physical injury of the pet(s). I understand that my pet(s) can become ill as the result of having contact with other pets, similar to children in daycare. PSV will not be held liable for any illness that my pet(s) contracts. PetSafe Promise covers injuries that occur while the pet is present at PSV, i.e. cuts, scrapes, puncture wounds, and broken bones. PetSafe Promise does not cover any illness, nor does it cover injury, illness or death resulting from incidents occurring before the arrival date. The pet owner hereby agrees to authorize their veterinarian to forward a copy of the diagnosis and treatment to PSV. Any and all claims under this program must be submitted to PSV within (7) days from the pet's departure date. Such records are required before any claim is paid. Once received and verified by PSV, a check will be sent directly to the owner for reimbursement within 14 business days. A signed statement by the veterinarian may be required, stating that the injury was not part of or caused by a pre-existing condition. Any controversy or claim relating to this program shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

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