We can't wait to have your pup join us for Camp at our Bearden Hill location. Please make sure to follow the requirements below before getting started...


  • Be current on all required vaccinations

    • Rabies


    • Bordatella (every six months)

    • Influenza (H3N2 or H3N2/H3N8 combo)


  • Be up to date on monthly flea and tick preventative and free of parasites

  • Must be Spayed or Neutered after 6 months of age

  • New dogs must be over 2 years old

    • Young dogs are more likely to be overwhelmed or overexcited with the all-day style of play that Bearden Hill offers.

    • Dogs under 2 years old will only be accepted if they graduate from PetSafe Village's main location after showing appropriate behaviors and traits suitable for all-day play. 

  • Pass the Meet & Greet

    • APPOINTMENT REQUIRED...we have an extensive waitlist for the Bearden Hill location. Please call to be added!

    • Please note that the all-day style of play of Bearden Hill is not suitable for all dogs and many may have more success with the structured play our main location. For more information about our PetSafe Village location, click here!

  • REGISTER IN OUR                                       TO GET STARTED

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