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Adult Manners

Fun group lessons for adult dogs and their humans that focus on improving the human-dog bond.  Lessons mimic more real-life scenarios and also help with confidence building.

Basic Manners

Manners 101

LOCATION: FARRAGUT - 10424 Petsafe Way 

This program covers basic behaviors such as leash walking, leave it, recall, place, drop it, (and more), while also having fun working  with tricks and games to help improve the human-dog bond. In addition to learning these basic behaviors, you will also receive extensive information covering numerous "problem behaviors." 

Classes meet once/week for 5 weeks, and last about an hour. Dogs must be at least 6 months old, and be up to date on all vaccines in order to attend.

Note: If you are experiencing issues with your dog barking, growling, and/or lunging at others while on leash, please contact us before registering.

Advanced Manners Classes

Manners 201

 Work more on building reliability on the foundation behaviors learned in basic manners. We focus heavily on staying with distractions, polite greetings without jumping and loose leash walking in more realistic life scenarios. Great foundation for therapy work. Curriculum is prepared for The Canine Good Citizen Test. *Prerequisite: Manners 101 or have equivilant. skills.


No class 11/26

Manners 301

Take your dog's training to the next level. This class is centered on advanced foundation behaviors, and meets at various parks and retail stores around Knoxville. Walking through crowds and staying in heavily distracting environments are among the top focus points. Curriculum is prepared for Community Canine Good Citizen Test. **Prerequisite: Manners 201 or Canine Good Citizen certificate 


Manners 401

For those who are ready to refine and master those advanced foundation behaviors. This class meets at various retail stores/restaurants around Market Square. Curriculum is prepared for the Urban Canine Good Citizen Test. *Prerequisite: Manners 301 or Community Canine Certificate

LOCATION: Various Downtown

Not sure which class is the best fit?  

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